Teen Patti Star Apk Download Latest Version & Get Rs 251

This article could be extremely helpful if you’re looking for any of these Teen Patti Apps that allow you to win thousands of rupees daily. Because we’re heading to notify you about the Teen Patti Star App in this post, which lets you play 3 Patti Star and various card and casino games in addition to rummy. You can find all the details regarding the TeenPatti Star App in the sections below.

What is Teen Patti Star?

One of these gaming apps, Teen Patti Star, allows you to play various well-known card and casino games, including Teen Patti and Rummy. You must use real money to play this game.

You receive the winning sum if you succeed in this game. In addition to the signup bonus, you can earn money by recommending people to our site. Here, you will also receive various extra benefits that will help you make more money.

How To Install Teen Patti Star Apk

Teen patti Star SignUp

Suppose you want to get TeenPatti Star APK. Install the APK file on your smartphone after it has finished downloading, then start playing the game by creating an account and contributing money following the steps mentioned earlier. After that, deposit the winning sum into your bank account.

Games in the Teen Patti Star app

The Teen Patti Star App has a wide variety of games that you may play. The list of games included in this app is provided below:

  • AK47 Teen Patti
  • Points Rummy
  • Pool Rummy
  • Roulette
  • Andar Bahar
  • Cricket Battle
  • Dragon Vs Tiger
  • Slots
  • 7 Up Down
  • SIC BO
  • Teen Patti
  • Change Teen Patti
  • Joker Teen Patti
  • Fantasy Teen Patti
  • Muflis Teen Patti
  • Battle Teen Patti
  • War Teen Patti

The Teen Patti Star App Registration Process

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to register for the Teen Patti Star App.

  • First, launch the application. There are two choices available here: Phone Number and Guest.
  • You will receive a bonus of 15 rupees if you register your account using a mobile number.
  • Additionally, if you create a guest account and register, you will receive a bonus of ₹10.
  • For this reason, select the Phone Number option, and then input your Phone Number, Password, and OTP to finish the enrollment process.
  • Following completing the registration process using the phone number, you will receive a Welcome Bonus of 15 instantly. You can play games with this.

TeenPatti Star App Offers 100% Free Money

Open the Teen Patti Star app, then select the “Free” button if you wish to earn 100% free money. Following that, you will receive a 200 free bonus to use in the game. However, to do this, you must abide by the terms set forth below by the programme.

  • You must first tell your friends about the referral link for this app.
  • The claim button would be visible to a user who downloads and registers this software using your Referrals Link.
  • You will start receiving a 33% commission for adding and subtracting money in this app after you reach the 10th label, and you’ll also be eligible to get a bonus of ₹200.

The Teen Patti Star App’s Cash Add On Process

Teen patti Star add money

The Teen Patti Star App allows you to add money in increments of 10 to 150000. You can contribute money to this app by following the detailed instructions below.

  • Open the app, then select the Add Cash option.
  • After that, enter the desired deposit amount in the Amount box and select Add Chips.
  • Then choose a payment option from the app’s list, such as Google Pay, Paytm, and Phone Pay.
  • Following that, you will be prompted for crucial details like your name, mobile number, email address, etc. Once you’ve completed the form, select the Pay button.
  • After that, click the Pay Button to finish the process. Following the successful transaction, money will be credited to the Teen Patti Star App.
  • You also get a 2% Extra Bonus when you add money to this app.
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Refer and Earn Money Teen Patti Star App

Teen patti Star Refer
  • First, select the Refer & Earn option in the Teen Patti Star App.
  • You may access Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Telegram, and WhatsApp online.
  • Share the Teen Patti Star App’s referral link on social media by choosing one.
  • You will also see the Copy button here, which you can use to share the referral link for this app on other social media sites.
  • You will receive a commission of ₹30 if someone instals this app and registers using your referral link.
  • In addition, he gives a 33% commission for contributing money.

Withdraw Money Out of the Teen Patti Star

If you wish to make a cash withdrawal from the 3 Patti Star App, its unique characteristic is that it takes 5 minutes for your money to arrive in your bank account. Additionally, the maximum withdrawal limit is 10,000, and also the minimum withdrawal limit is 50.

Here, cash withdrawals are only available from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Along with this, Sundays are not allowed for cash withdrawals. Follow the instructions listed below to withdraw money from Teen Patti Star App.

  • To begin, select the CHIPS OUT option.
  • Enter the Withdrawal amount next.
  • Now fill out all the fields about your bank account.
  • Finally, type in your UPI ID and press the OK button.
  • It will deposit cash into your bank account shortly after that.
  • You can examine your payment history by clicking on Withdrawal Record.

VIP Bonus 3 Patti Star

Teen patti Star VIP

In TeenPatti Star, the VIP Bonus offers numerous advantages. You receive the Silver, Gold, and Diamond plans out of the three plans included in the VIP Bonus. If you purchase a Silver plan, you must deposit ₹500 into it, and you will receive a return of ₹560 within a month.

If you invest 5000 in the second VIP Bonus plan, you will receive a return of 5600 after a month. In addition, you must invest ₹10,000 in its final plan to receive a return of ₹11,000 in a single month. By doing so, you can invest your funds using the VIP Bonus and receive the highest returns.

TeenPatti Star Customer Support

The company offers customer assistance features to its users to minimise any annoyance to you on behalf of the business. On the home page, there is a customer help function where you can live chat with a customer care representative to fix your issue.


  1. How Much Is TeenPatti Star’s Signup Bonus?

Ans: Rs. 15 in signup bonuses

  1. What is the 3 Patti Star Apps’ Minimum Withdraw Amount?

The minimum withdrawal is 50 rupees.

  1. What is the maximum deposit for 3 patti star app?

The maximum deposit is 10 rupees.

  1. In the TeenPatti Star App, how much bonus do you receive for each invite?

Rs. 30 per invitation.

  1. In the TeenPatti Star App, how much recharge commission do you receive?

Recharge Commission is 2%


This article provided you with data on Teen Patti Star Apk, Download Teen Patti Star Apk, and Download Teen Patti Star Apps. You can download an app on your Android smartphone and earn real money immediately if you’re looking for a good app to play the Teen Patti game.

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