Rummy Satta Apk Download,Bonus Get ₹51| Withdraw ₹100

The official website of the application is called AllRummyApp.  Com, the app-related information is given here in which you will get the lowest amount of ₹100; not only here you can earn money yourself, but it also has many features.  If you want to download the application, then you can download it from the download section below.

About Rummy Satta

 As a friend, you need to know that Rummy Satta has become very popular after its launch.  You will get ₹51 bonus on sign-up and a minimum withdrawal of ₹100.  If you want to download and play it, then you can go to the official website by clicking the download option below and download it from there.

How many games are there to play, Rummy Satta?

Rummy Satta Availabe games

If you are fond of playing many games, then you will be happy to know that if you download rummy satta, you can play many games at once.  All the games are listed below –

 Rummy Game – If you are an archer in rummy, there are also rummy games where you can shoot arrows easily; however, here, you have to bet 40 paise, two people wait, and when your king comes, you win.

 Three Patti Games – If you love to play a three-Patti game, then you will also find three Patti games here.  Two people, three or four people should bet at least 10 paise.  To win, you have to come potty or higher.

 Dragon Vs. Tiger Game – You can play the dragon vs. tiger game in this game, and many people can play with you.  Many people like to play it, but many people don’t because it is very easy to play.  The game is played in three parts where you must bet 10 paise.

 7 Up Down Game – Here, the 7 Up Down game requires you to bet 10 paise, and it is played in three parts.  Out of which, only one share will win, but in case of a tie, your money will be returned to your account.

Best Game Rummy Satta

 3 card poker

 Baccarat game

 playing poker

 Three Patti twenty twenty

 Best of 5 games

 Zoo Roulette Game

 Car roulette game

 Andar Bahar games

 Variation Game

 10 Cards Game

 Rummy Satta Bonus Program?

 If you want to get a bonus from the rummy gully app, you need to enter the game, so first, you need to download and install the game.  After that, you will notice the home page of the mobile, and you will see that the game has arrived.  As a result, you will get a 10 bonus immediately. 

If you want to get 30 more, then you have to add your mobile number to the game; for that, you have to touch the bind option of the profile and fill in the number, password, and OTP and add your number, you will get a total of 51 bonus.

How to Register in Rummy Satta?

Register Rummy Satta

If you want to create your account in rummy satta, then follow these rules

 .  The app should be downloaded quickly through the link.

 .  Then install it on your nearest mobile phone, open it, and then you will see the home page of the game.

 .  Then go to the game profile, and you will see the bind option.

 .  After touching the Bind option, complete your mobile number, password, and OTP and touch the register option.

 .  As a result, an account will be opened with your mobile number, and you will be completely fine. You can enter Rummy satta.

 .  So you will see 51 bonus added to your account.

How do you add money to Rummy Satta?

Are you looking to add money to the game? Then always keep one thing in mind the app doesn’t give you any money, or the rummy glee app is verified if you want; here, you can add without fear.

 You can use Bank, UPI, and Debit cards to add Rs.  You can add money from as low as ₹10 to as high as ₹200,000.  Here you can easily add your cash without any problem.

add money Rummy Satta

 These rules can add money

  •  First, open the application and touch the payment option.
  •  Then select as you like and touch the Add Chips button
  •  You select any option as per your mind and touch the next button.
  •  Here you can get the Paytm or UPI option.
  •  Then go to add on and enter your KYC.
  •  Finally, select the payment option to add your chips and make the payment.

How to Refer & Earn in Rummy Satta ?

Refer & Earn Rummy Satta

A very good method is given for you if you want to earn money by Refer & Earn, by this, you can earn good money easily.  In other words, two things must be done to earn money 1.  Share 2.  the agent

 Share – If you download and install the application through the link, you will get the share option, and from there, you will get ₹50, ₹100 for 10 friends, and ₹100 for 20 friends.  Agent – After opening your game, you will see the agent option and touch. There will bring a rules option, where you will get a 30% recharge commission for a lifetime.

CHECK ROYAL RUMMY -Royal Rummy apk Download | Get ₹51 | Redeem ₹100

Is Rummy Satta Safe?

Let’s look at the security aspect of this app, the app is not in the play store, or you can’t download it from the play store, but it has been paying people for a long time and has gained everyone’s trust. Here you can always get 24*7 help.  You can solve any problem here via WhatsApp by providing live customer service.

How To Withdraw Money in Satta Rummy App?

Let’s talk about in-game withdrawal; from this app, you will get a minimum withdrawal of 100 rupees and a maximum of 8000 rupees per day; there is a facility to withdraw money from UPI or a bank.

 If you make a payment, you will be paid well; no need to worry about it.  You can take payment of ₹100 in the game; it is fully 100% payment verified.

Money Transfer

You can rely 100% on the app, and there are 2 options to withdraw money.  You can easily withdraw money from all the banks.  Listed below are some rules for proper withdrawal

  •  After installing the app, open the app on your mobile.
  •  After opening the app, you will notice a Withdraw option at the bottom.
  •  Select the exact amount you want.
  •  Then you need to enter the cash amount and touch withdraw to withdraw money on the day.
  •  Then click on the Withdraw History option if you want to know the time or amount of your last withdrawal.
  •  So there, you will get all your withdrawal information.

VIP Program in Rummy Satta Application

VIP Program Rummy Satta

 Many people hope to get free bonuses.  In many applications, you will not get a free bonus, but you will get the benefit of free. How you will get daily bonus, weekly bonus, monthly bonus, and level bonus.


 1. Rummy Satta app sign-up bonus how much?

 Here you will get ₹51 sign-up bonus.

 2. How many games are there to play in Rummy satta?

 There are multiple types of games to play.

 3.  What is the minimum withdrawal amount for a rummy satta?

 Minimum ₹100

 4.  What is the maximum withdrawal amount for a rummy satta?

 A maximum of ₹50,000

 5.  Rummy satta should be downloaded from where?

 To download the application, we have created a download option; from there, you can go to the official website and download it.

Customer care Rummy Satta

If you want to interact with the customer in the game, here is the VIP customer opportunity to avail yourself if you face any game difficulties.  Their service starts at 7:00 am and ends at 7:00 pm.  But if you want 24 hours service, you can contact their Whatsapp number.

 Whatsapp number – +639162119945.


If you want to download and play it, then you can go to the official website by clicking the download option below and download it from there. If you are fond of playing many games, then you will be happy to know that if you download rummy satta, you can play many games at once.

We have given you all the information about the game with our best here.  If we have left something out, you can let us know.

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