Royal Rummy Apk Download | Get ₹51 | Redeem ₹100

Royal Rummy APK is an application through which you can play Rummy games online and earn lots of money by performing some simple steps. Different types of deals are going on in the application and new users get a lot of discounts and other facilities when they register for Rummy Royal Apk. 

Program search as referred and on in which if I user referred to the person he or she will get the register pods through which they can play Royal Rummy online and earn money in this through this method,user download the app and register and from whom the app is been referred both get benefited from the Royal Rummy APK.

Also if a user without any referral registered to the application they will too get a discount of extra points and other benefits.  

To get eligible for the bonus of the point you should first download the app and successfully register and make your account in the application. It is necessary to make an account in the application.

Royal Rummy game look

Without having an account you will not be eligible for the rewards. An extra 100 rupees bonus when you invite your friends to register in Royal Rummy APK will be provided to the user. 

Every user who refers their friend and downloads the application will get a 30- 50% Commission after their friend plays a game in the Royal Rummy Apk.

More information about the application is available down

How to Register in Rummy Royal Apk

You have to download the application and then click on the register better in which some of the information related to yourself such as your name number, email password, and all related things should be asked by the application in which after performing these simple few steps you are registered to the application. 

Royal Rummy games

You will receive a 40% sign-up bonus from the Royal Rummy APK once you successfully register and make your account within the app. After adding your profile to the application you are eligible for all the games and can have access to all the features.  

If you don’t want to register directly to the application you can also use the guest login method through which you can log into n the game on your mobile device with the help of OTP and verification of your mobile number. 

Features of Rummy Royal Apk

Best Deals – 

 In this application users will get the best deals on the games like the entry amount is very and the output which is the win amount is great. You can invest a very less penny and win thousands of rupees in just a few minutes.

Game Interface –

You can play and win the game on a slow connection also this application enables the stereo plththeggame ame frame extended periods without any interruptions.

Also, the user interference of the application is very stable it can run smoothly on a slow internet connection and you can play again continuously in the application,  so an extensive internet connection is not necessary for this application

Royal Rummy Bonus

The Best Indian Rummy Card Game – 

This running application is the best Royal Rummy card game and the most popular application for Rummy in India because it has millions of downloads and no matter where  you are located in India you can play this Rummy online through this application 

Withdrawal in a Flash 

This application allows you to withdraw your money anytime possible as soon as your win amount reaches 100 you can withdraw. It has a minimum withdrawal of rupees 100 and the maximum is according to your win amount.  

How to Refer and Earn in Royal Rummy APK

There are some simple steps that you need to follow – 

First, open the Royal Rummy application and select the refer and earn option from the menu

Royal Rummy Refer & Earn

You have to inform your friends about the referral link and ask them to go to the link and download the application and register their account before continuing to the application. 

After the successful registration, you will get your referral amount within the minimum time it is possible. 

VIP Rewards in Royal Rummy

There are many advantages of VIP status in Rummy Royal APK. You can deposit the money and will get extra benefits and extra rewards after you deposit the money eacintomonth to your account. You can also win more rewards when you will when referring to your friend through VIP acesaccessers who deposit 1000 INR for the first time and get prices worth rupees 200000 . 

How to Download the Rummy Royal Apk

To get started you have to open your Google Chrome and you have to search on your browser for the application Roma Royal APK.

The very first directed to you will be the application link through which you can enter the website. On the website you can search for the download option after scrolling down you will find the link to download the application after clicking on the download option . After some time downloading will be started. 

You have to allow access from Chrome to the APK download on your mobile device. This application is secured from end and end doesn’t contain any malware and doesn’t allow any third-party application to enter the user’s mobile device and harm their data. 

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How to Withdraw in Rummy Royal Apk

To withdraw your won amount in your account after you have reached the minimum withdrawal amount which is rupees 100. 

You have to go to your profile section and after scrolling down you will find that there are so many options in which one of the opoption swithdrawoney. You can click on the option and then enter the amount to wish to withdraw and click on withdraw option through methods such as UPI, Paytm, and Bank Transfer.  

You have to wait for 2-3 business days for your withdrawals will be credited to your account. There are also screenshots available on our website where you can check the money credited to the user account through Rummy Royal APK. 


The Royal Rummy app has been one of the top platforms for online rummy, which is now one of the most well-liked game genres in the gaming business. Online rummy matches on the Royally Rummy apk are incredibly entertaining because the game pulls out the genuine enjoyment of online rummy, blended with rewarding functionality and a cool yet straightforward graphic design.

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