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Do you remember playing ludo on cardboard back then? We used this to play the Ludo game in our free time. This is virtually often the case in Indian households.

All of that has changed now. Things in our world are rapidly going digital as time goes on. More time is being spent on smartphones by people. The majority of individuals, though, waste their time on cell phones. But you have the option to act differently from the others.

Ludo Ninja App Download

Ludo Games Ninja
  • The Play Store does not host the Ludo Ninja APK. You may install the latest release of Ludo Ninja.
  • For the download link for the Ludo Ninja APK, go to the game’s official site. Now click on the download button.
  • Install the updated APK on your smartphone once installing it.
  • You can check on APK Pure if searching for the older version of Ludo Ninja.

Features of Ludo Ninja

Here are a few of the Ludo Ninja game’s features.

  • Bank Withdrawal is Available.
  • Easy KYC Procedure.
  • Play Ludo 24/7.
  • Quickest Gameplay.
  • New Format. No Dice Game.

How to Join and Receive Rs. 10?

Ludo Ninja Types

For signing up for this app, you would receive a fixed fee of Rs. 10. The sum is entirely usable for playing ludo. Ludo Ninja will therefore be free to enter for you.

Now register by performing these steps.

  • From the download link, get the app.
  • Open the Ludo Ninja APK after installation.
  • Now enter and validate your mobile number. After you validate it, you will receive a bonus of Rs. 10.
  • Tap Redeem Referral Code after selecting the Settings button. The referral code for Ludo Ninja is 93XXXJF2NM
  • Upon signing up for this app, a welcome video will start playing. Keep an eye on that.

How to Use the App for Gaming?

As you mention, Ludo Ninja has a novel format. You must comprehend the game. This game doesn’t use dice. It would make 24 moves. Each player receives the same set of numbers. You will each receive 4 (1 to 6).

  • Tap on Play Online after launching Ludo Ninja.
  • Here, you can observe a variety of games, including 1v1 matches and contests with 3, 2, and 1 winners.
  • Pick your favourite game.
  • Click the confirm button to launch the game.
  • You can see that using the Ludo Ninja real money app will be entertaining.

Games on Ludo Ninja App

  • Only ludo-based games are available on the Ludo Ninja. However, the app offers two distinct types of ludo games.
  • Ludo Ninja:- A dice-free version of Ludo is Ninja. Before the game begins, you will be assigned a set of numbers. You must move your pieces following the indicated numbers. After all the moves are made, the one with the most points wins the prize.
  • Ludo Turbo:- On the app, there is another game called Ludo Turbo. The Ludo Turbo game format uses dice. It resembles the straightforward game of ludo. After the game in Ludo Turbo, the player with the most points wins the money.
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Ludo Ninja: How Do I Add Money?

Ludo Ninja Add Money
  • Once you’ve used the sign-up bonus, you need to add money to play ludo.
  • There are numerous coupons offered. It will give cashback on deposits.
  • First, use your Ludo Ninja login information to access the game.
  • Tap the wallet symbol after signing in to the Ludo Ninja app.
  • Select Add, then enter the desired load quantity.
  • Then click Add Money.
  • Then decide on your preferred method of payment.
  • Credit/debit cards, UPI, net banking, and digital wallets are all options.
  • Make the payment at the end.
  • Start by trying with little sums. You can load more if you start making some money. Play the online game Ludo Ni after adding money to start earning.

Withdraw Money From The App

  • One rupee is the initial minimum withdrawal amount, and sixty rupees is the second. Your bank account will get a direct withdrawal of your earnings.
  • Reopen the Ludo Ninja and select the wallet symbol this time. It might display the prize money here.
  • Then select Withdraw. Enter your UPI ID or bank information. You can use PhonePe UPI ID.
  • Enter the desired amount, then select Withdraw Money.
Ludo Ninja Withdraw

Ludo Ninja Refer and Earn

  • On the deposits of your friends, you will receive play and bonus money. The referral mechanism operates as follows.
  • If your friend deposits between Rs. 1 and 9, you will receive Rs. 5 in bonus and play money. A friend would receive Rs. 5 in play money and Rs. 10 in bonus cash.
  • You will receive Rs. 10 in bonus money and Rs. 10 in play money for your friend’s Rs. 10 deposit. A friend will receive Rs. 10 in play money and Rs. 20 in bonus cash.
  • You will receive Rs. 20 in bonus money and Rs. 40 in play money for a friend’s Rs. 50 investment. A friend will receive Rs. 10 in play money and Rs. 20 in bonus cash.
  • You will receive Rs. 30 in play money and Rs. 70 in bonus funds if your buddy deposits at least Rs. The friend would receive Rs. 30 in play money and Rs. 70 in bonus money.

Earn Money by Telling Your Friends About Your Ludo Ninja Referral Code

Ludo Ninja Free

The Ludo Ninja game is also available for free. You can participate in the Ludo Ninja free tournament and earn money without paying anything.

Ludo Ninja Contact Details

Crashgrail Private Limited is the owner of the software called The Ludo Ninja. The customer service number is unavailable as a result.

Nevertheless, there are three ways to get in touch with Ludo customer support.

You can first get in touch with them by email. Contact information for Ludo Ninja is

Second, you can get in touch with them using their app. You can access the settings by opening the Ludo Ninja app. Go to settings and select Helpdesk. After that, select Create a ticket to submit your inquiry.

Lastly, telegram is a way to contact Ludo Ninja customer service. Visit the official Telegram account to contact customer service.


  1. What is the app Ludo Ninja?

Play No Dice Ludo on the Ludo Ninja app. Users can play Ludo games on it.

  1. How do I get the Ludo APK file?

Visit and download the APK to get Ludo Ninja.

  1. Which nation created Ninja?

It is made in India.

Who is the company behind this app?

Cashgrail Private Limited owns the app.

  1. Why isn’t the Ludo Ninja app on the Play Store?

Apps for cash competitions are not permitted in the Google Play Store. There are no apps for cash competitions available in the Play Store.

  1. Is Ludo Ninja legal?

Yes, it’s permitted. The game is categorised as a skill-based game. It is also lawful.

  1. What is the minimum withdrawal amount on Ludo Ninja?

Rs. 60 is the minimum withdrawal amount.


There are numerous Ludo apps available. However, Ninja has already taken up the position. If you currently play Ludo games but aren’t getting paid for them. Check out ludo’s earning apps. Several apps today mimic one another. However, the creator of this software experimented with something new, the No Dice Ludo Game. The same developer who released Zupee Gold, as well as Ludo Supreme, also released the app. You can observe that the user interfaces of all the apps are identical.

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