How to Rummy East App Download-Get Rummy East Bonus

The traditional card game from the Indian Subcontinent is given a modern spin in Rummy East. Play whenever, anyplace, and in the language of your choice with real players from all over the world. There are currently no such apps available within Rummy East Apps.

Rummy East

Here, you can amuse yourself while making money. Your income is instantly transferable to your bank account. The withdrawal limit amount is 1,000, and an endless 30% commission is offered.

How to Download Rummy East

  • Install the Rummy East aps after downloading it.
  • Next, select Guest > Bind.
  • Enter your cell phone number, password, and then OTP to confirm your number.
  • Click Register now.
  • Your registration is finished, and you have been awarded a bonus of 41.

Games Available in Rummy East

Rummy East Games
  • Car Roulette
  • Roulette
  • Best Of Five
  • Teen Patti 20-20
  • Poker
  • Bacarrat
  • 3 Card Poker
  • Black Jack
  • Fruit Line
  • Teen Patti
  • Variation
  • Andar Bahar
  • 7 Up Down
  • 10 Cards

How to Play the Rummy Game with the Dragon and Tiger

Dragon cards are ranked from lowest to highest in the following order: A-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-J-Q-K, with Kings being the highest.

  • A standard 52-card deck without any jokers or wildcards is used to play the game.
  • With six or eight cards, it’s played in a shoe.
  • While in dragon versus. Tiger game, players can wager either the dragon or even the tiger, and the dealer would deal one card to each side.
  • The highest card, regardless of suit, decides the result.
  • The aces were ranked lowest, followed by the other cards in order of their inherent worth, starting with the king.

Dragon Vs Tiger Rules

Dragon Vs Tiger
  • Dragon Tiger is a simple game to learn and play. One card is dealt with the Dragon Placement position on the table, and the other with the Tiger Placing position, following Dragon Tiger norms.
  • According to the Dragon Tiger game’s rules, the Placing position with the highest card wins well.
  • You can decide whether to wager on the Dragon, Tiger, or Tie as a player.
  • The ace is the card with the lowest ranking, while the other cards are ranked from lowest to highest according to their natural values: two is the lowest, followed by the king.
  • The highest card, irrespective of the suit, wins in Live Dragon Tiger.
  • The same card is given to the Dragon and Tiger spots if there is a tie. On either the Dragon side or the Tiger side, the players lose half of their Place.
  • After each game round, winning places are paid out. You can set up some side bets with each game round.

How to Refer And Earn in Rummy East

For each friend who tops off his account with ₹100 or more, you will receive 30% of his tax amount plus an additional ₹100.

Rummy East Refer Earn
  • Click Refer and Earn after opening the Rummy East app.
  • Tell your friends about your referral link.
  • Get the Rummy East downloaded from your buddies.
  • 80 bonus will go to your friends.
  • Additionally, you will receive a 30% commission.

How to Add Money to Rummy East App?

  • Click Add Cash in the Rummy East app once it is open.
  • Choose how much you wish to add. On top of your original deposit, you will also get a bonus.
  • Use one of the several ways that are offered to make the payment.
  • The sum will happen automatically in your Rummy East wallet.
  • You receive a 2% Extra Bonus after you recharge for 1000.
  • You receive an additional 2.5% bonus after you recharge for 3000.
  • You receive a 3% Extra Bonus if you recharge for at least 5000.
  • You receive an Extra Bonus of 3.5% when you recharge for 8000.
  • You receive a 4% Extra Bonus when you recharge for at least 10,000.
  • If you recharge for 30,000, you will receive an additional 4.5% bonus.
  • You receive a 5% Extra Bonus after you recharge for 50,000.

How to Withdraw From Rummy East

  • In the rummy East app, select the Withdraw option.
  • The Rummy East app’s minimum withdrawal amount is Rs. 100.
  • Add your bank account or UPI information now.
  • Finally, click “Withdraw” after entering the “Withdrawal Amount.”
  • Done!! Your money will be deposited into your bank account right away.

What Are the Features of Safe Option?

Friends, the majority of folks are unaware of Safe Option Features. Due to this, the majority of individuals do not utilise this feature. Friends, if you would not want to withdraw any of the money you earn here, go to this function and keep it in a secure location. You can also send those earnings immediately to your bank account anytime you require them.

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What Are Features Ranking?

You can view the application’s ranking features. You receive a weekly ranking as well as a monthly ranking throughout this application using the ranking features. Only the names of the users who profit the most from this programme were provided in this ranking. You may view the top 10 users’ list here. By earning more profit than the other individuals in just this ranking feature, you can add your name unless you also want to be in it. In addition, the user placed in the top 3 gets awarded a cash prize by the company each month.

Rummy East Aps Security

Suppose you’re unsure whether Rummy East is secure. As a result, we want to assure all users that this programme is secure. Millions of users have verified other apps as well. You can download this app to your smartphone immediately if you want to make money playing the Rummy game. You won’t have any issues using this app, so you can easily withdraw your payment while enjoying rummy.

Rummy East Customer Care Number

You may, therefore, easily get your questions answered with this app, just as with all the other top Teen Patti apps. During sunrise and night, you can WhatsApp customer service.

Number: +63 8168645072


  1. What is the maximum welcome bonus I can receive?

Your account will have 50 in it once you’ve finished registering.

  1. Do I need to make a deposit to play real money games?

No. Just play any game you choose with the sign-up bonus.

  1. How much must be withdrawn to do so?

At least ₹100.

  1. What number of users can I refer to?

There is no such cap; answer 4. You can invite as many users as you like to the app.

  1. How much can I withdraw in total?

Your daily withdrawal limit is one lakh rupees.

  1. Are there expenses involved with withdrawals?

No. Withdrawals are free of additional charges.

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