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The Mahabharata is a well-known mythical text whose tale has been repeatedly recited for many centuries, just as the dice game that serves as the plot’s central focus. The well-known dice game, Pachchisi and Chousar, is called Indian Ludo.

The game is renowned for its strategic planning, logical reasoning in beating the opponent, and historical significance. The dice game reappeared to hunger during the reign of Akbar, who loved it so much that he constructed a court at each of his palaces.

Instead of using various objects as the game’s pieces, Akbar employed people to dress in two different colours and move like the objects. One can easily go to Agra and Allahabad, which still have the remnants of Ludo when he was still known as Pachisi, to confirm the integrity of this story.

Other Names of Ludo

The game Ludo has several variations and is played with various names from around the world, for example:-

  • British people refer to Ludo as Uckers.
  • Ludo is called “Fia” in Swedish.
  • The Swiss variant of Ludo is called Eile with Weile.
  • Vietnamese people prefer to refer to their Ludo as Co Ca ngua.
  • Spanish utilises a variation called Parchis close to the ancient Indian version.
  • Despite its many variations, Ludo is a beloved game worldwide.

Payment Partners of Ludo

  • Paytm
  • Pay UBiz
  • Phone Pe
  • Paypal
  • Zaakpay
  • Mobikwik
  • Easebuzas

Ludo Money Eligibility Requirements

  • A competitor must be at least 18 years old to enter.
  • To take part in any Ludo Money competition.
  • Only residents or citizens of India are eligible to enter the Ludo Money competition.
  •  In accordance with Telangana, Odisha, and Assam laws, residents of these states are not permitted to participate in any Ludo Money contests, particularly the paid ones.
  • Anyone who wants to participate in the Ludo Money competition must have an email address.
  • To enter the Ludo Money competition, a registered Ludo Money user must register before the round.
  • All rewards will have TDS deducted following the Income Tax Act of 1961.

A Fun Way To Connect With Family And Friends is Through The Ludo App

People can now stay in touch with their dear ones wonderfully without leaving their homes thanks to the development of gaming apps, including Ludo King, Ludo Classic, 8 Ball Pool, and Qureka.

All age groups can play the Ludo game because it is simple to learn and connect to. Additionally, it works with ios and Android platforms. Additionally, individuals can play online with other gamers and meet new people.

A few Ludo games allow for varied languages and could be played with individuals of various nationalities.

Developers also have created themes with difficult tasks to excite the young minds and entertain them in the latest manner to keep the youth interested and make the Ludo game look engaging. In addition, playing computer games like Ludo King is another option.

Comparison of The Ludo Game Apps and Other Games Apps Ratings

There is no doubting the reality of players occasionally requiring a change of pace and choosing to play another multiplayer game as just a flavour enhancer when having fun with friends and family, despite the plethora of variations and exciting obstacles in Ludo games.

This table displays many multiplayer games, user ratings, and downloading data that illustrate which ones they prefer over the Ludo game app.

These days, individuals like playing games online for hours only to advance in rank or level and compare results. Additionally, many people post about their gaming successes on Facebook and Instagram. After Candy Crush and PUBG, Ludo is the game people play the most these days and only lasts for 10 minutes per game.

However, it is impossible to deny that video games have a high potential for addiction and must be carefully monitored, particularly for young players whose academic performance may suffer.

Play for pleasure or money, whichever you like, but keep enjoying the experience or feeling deserving of the money earned in mind.

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The game Ludo has become as popular as a jungle fire since it was released as an app. The original app is called Ludo King, which is currently the most widely used gaming app in India.

The Ludo game has been spiced up even more by adding a fascinating and alluring feature called Ludo Money, which enables users to play Ludo to make money. The Fantasy Khiladi app Money allows users to play Ludo with real, verified players and allows for quick withdrawals.

Only 10 minutes are allotted for each game of Ludo money, making it ideal for you to play between breaks.

FK Ludo allows users to sign-up with as little as Rs 10.

This is an entertaining method to make money, particularly for children needing additional pocket money. Adults can enjoy this game just as much while setting bigger stakes.

Before doing so, one must weigh all the risks associated with playing for bigger stakes and take procedures to avoid financial loss.


  1. Where can we get Ludo Money to download?

 The Play Store offers Ludo Money.

  1. Does Ludo Money work on both iOS and Android devices?

Android and iOS are both supported by Ludo Money.

  1. How quickly can the money be withdrawn when playing Ludo Money in Fantasy Khiladi?

Fantasy Khiladi offers an instant Cash withdrawal option.

  1. Does it provide a sign-up bonus?

Each new registration receives a Rs 10 sign-up bonus, followed by more enticing Cash bonus offers.

  1. What other online games can you play for real money?

In addition to Ludo Money, the following online games also include financial opportunities and risks:

  • My11Circle
  • 8 Ball Pool
  • Rummy circle
  • Qureka
  • Dream11


The player who has all of their tokens at the finish line wins. People of various ages can interact with one another through the game of Ludo. The young children are taught how to count as they move their tokens in turns. This game is incredibly simple and inexpensive. This game is enjoyed by players of all social classes, including grandparents, parents, elders, and children and their parents. 2 or 4 players can play at once in the Ludo game. To play the Ludo game, you’ll need a cardboard and plastic Ludo board, four Ludo goti, pieces, and tokens.

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