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Hey, friends if you are looking for a Jhandi Munda game then you are on the right page. Today I am going to provide you with all the information about jhandi like jhandi Munda downloads, how to play jhandi download etc.

Jhandi as the name suggests it is developed by an Indian developer, it is a board game similar to ludo a six-faced dice is used to play it. It’s is famous all over in India but as it is originated in the northern part of India it is more famous and well plays in the northeast part of India.

Jhandi Munda is famous in all age groups (teenagers, parents, and grandparents) and it is a symbol of entertainment. It is the best pass time for all the people, it is played in the streets by teenagers.

In the gambling industry except for Teen Patti, Andar Bahar rummy, etc Jhandi is one of them. It is arising popular among gamblers and influences others because it is easier to play and availability of the game on the internet.

How to play Jhandi Munda game ?

Jhandi Munda is the first priority of new gamblers because it is quite easy to understand and play in England jhandi is known as “Crown and Anchor” and in Nepal by the name “Langur Burja” . 

Jhandi Munda Game

In this game prediction of the number is done The dice are rolled and the player has to bet on the number which will turn up on the top side of the dice.

Basic rules and regulations of Jhandi

As every game has rules which are followed to make the game more complicated and desirous like the rules of chess.

Here are some of the basic set of rules that you must follow while playing jhandi Munda.

 Players predict the number which will come on the top face of the dice as the outcome of every roll. If the predicted number is correct then the player who predicted wins.

The person who correctly guesses more wins. If the number you bet on doesn’t come on the top side of the dice, then the other player has the power to withdraw the bet you placed.

Variations of Jhandi

There are several variations of jhandi munda but the two main variations of Jhandi are that are most common are:-

1) Basic/ Traditional JHandi And

2) fixed returns Jhandi Munda

Let’s talk about both of them.

Old/Basic/Traditional Jhandi game

This is the first developed version of jhandi Munda that’s the reason it is called traditional Munda jhandi . It also has other names like  “the street version” and  “progressive version”.

In this, the player has to guess the symbol, and the number of times he/she wins the amount bet is multiplied by it. Ex – If you guess the symbol and it appears 5 times it means you won 5 times, the amount you bet will be multiplied by 5.

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Fixed Returns Jhandi Munda game

In this, there is a fixed return no matter how many times you win a fixed amount is given in return. for Ex if you bet and won 3 times but the fixed return 2 times you will get only 2 times your bet.

Hot and cold symbol technique to win Jhandi game

The best strategy to win the game is this hot and cold game technique. Basically, online casinos offer the option of hot and cold symbols in the Jhandi Munda game. In this option, you can keep an eye on which symbols are hot and which are cold.

Jhandi Munda Money

Hot symbols are those which appear most of the time and cold symbols are those which appear the least time. By this, you can sort the probability of the next outcome easily.

Final words

Jhandi munda a rise of the game from the northern part of India.

Now I think you have understood most of the things about Gandhi Munda and you are able to play it I will advise you not to bet in the initial stage because it may lead to trapping you and you may lose interest play with your friends just fun.

 Jhandi Munda is still becoming more popular but gambling is illegal I would not just you to bet in any condition but play at your own risk.

Those who are risk takers and come new in the industry of gambling prefer this the most. In the street of India, it is famous as ludo in our homes.

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1) How to win every Jhandi game?

You must need to play it more and more times and be strategic. Bet on the best outcome and use probability the guess the outcome on the top of the dice

2) What is the best strategy to win Jhandi Munda?

Use hot and cold symbol techniques this technique is the core strategy to win Jhandi for free. IN this technique hot symbols( symbols that appear the most) and col symbols( symbols the appears the least) both are noted and then shown to the player by which you can make the probability of nest outcoming number/symbol.

3) How to play Jhandi online?

Jhandi Munda is available online you can search for any online casino and register there and enjoy Jhandi online.

4) Can we earn money by playing Jhandi munda ?

Yes, you can earn money by playing jhandi . YOu can double or triple your bet amount easily by simply guessing the symbols.

5) How to download Jhandi munda?

Jhandi is available on the google play store you can search for it on the google play store and download it from there and enjoy it for free and enjoy with your friends.

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